народ (американский) про кризис

http://news.hereisthecity.com/news/business_news/8341.cntns опубликовал подборку высказываний про кризис

Лучшее, на мой взгляд, это

This is worse than a divorce. I’ve lost half my money and I still have a wife

Но и некоторые другие достойны внимания.

By the time they write the history of the credit crisis, no-one will be able to afford to buy the book

The left side of the balance sheet has nothing right and the right side of the balance sheet has nothing left

What we have is a slow motion crash. In the space of 10 days, we’ve had a 25% drop – that’s a crash, (but) it’s slow motion compared with 1987 or 1929

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